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Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains are a popular choice for modern homes. Metal-edged eyelets (in a choice of colours) are inserted into the top of curtain panels and threaded onto a curtain pole, which allows the curtains to hang smoothly and evenly. The curtains fall in soft, neat, and even pleats to create a sleek, streamlined look. Eyelet curtains are also easy to hang and care for, as no hooks or rings are attached to the curtain pole.

Eyelet curtains with grey chair
Custom made eyelet curtains

Our custom-made eyelet curtains are a versatile option used in various rooms. Depending on the fabric and pattern, they can create a formal or informal look. Eyelet curtains stack back neatly, so they are a good choice for smaller windows or those with limited space for stacking and ensuring maximising light. We can advise on heading type and the best pole for practical function and design. All our curtains are handmade, so we take all measurements to ensure the perfect fit.

Eyelet curtains with dining table
Fabrics for eyelet curtains

Eyelet curtains are available in thousands of fabrics, colours, and patterns, so we can easily match your décor. Curtains can be lined to block out light and noise, which makes them a good choice for bedrooms and quiet rooms such as offices. Eyelet curtains are easy to hang and take down. The eyelets slide onto a curtain pole without hooks or rings so they are easy to care for.

Creative curtain ideas from our design experts

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Eyelet curtains with green tree
Smart eyelet curtains

Eyelet curtains are an increasingly popular curtain type. They hang beautifully in long, even pleats, fit all home interior styles, and have natural column-like fabric folds that give any room a luxury look. Their practicality, simplicity and ease of use make them ideal for any room and an excellent choice for a smart, fuss-free interior design solution. Eyelet curtains are also typically more economical than other types of curtain headings.

Interior designers looking at fabrics
Free quote on eyelet curtains

Choosing curtains can be daunting. We will advise on the best heading for your window and room. We come to you to measure and provide a free quote at no obligation. All our handcrafted curtains can be fitted and dressed by one of our expert team. We remove all packaging and leave no mess behind so you can enjoy your new bespoke eyelet curtains without fuss.

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We craft beautiful bespoke curtains for homes and interiors across
Cheshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire and South Manchester

Cottage 1 Crop

Cottage Header

Cottage header curtains have soft gathers and a relaxed style. A popular choice for country-style homes.

Cottage Header
Decorative 1 Crop


We create bespoke decorative curtains in more elaborate styles and finishes for our many clients.


Pencil Pleat

Pencil pleat curtains are a versatile, stylish choice with crisp, neat lines for open or closed curtains.

Pencil Pleat

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